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Herbal Treatment

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Neutral Henna is an excellent conditioner. Application of henna invariably gives a reddish tinge to the hair colour. To avoid this, a special form of Henna powder-Neutral Henna is formulated which conditions the hair and makes it soft, shiny and also adds volume. Hair treated with henna bounces with health. Neutral henna is also used for placing on the tombstones at graves as a benediction.
Neutral Henna is a 100% Natural product produced from the leaves of a wild plant. The botanical name of Neutral Henna is Cassia Obovata. It is only used for the conditioning of hair and it does not give any color on hair. A regular use of this product gives natural strength, shine and luster to hair.

Neutral ( No Color ) Henna

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    Neutral Henna Powder

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