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Let's walk with nature!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Humans, being social animals are complex in their own way, and are perpetually exposed to environmental changes. Changes in the weather, society, economy, lifestyle, diet, work, financial status, and emotions can easily affect the balance and influence an individual’s state of mind, body, and soul.

In such a dynamic scenario, we use innumerable ways and means to achieve and maintain work-life balance. These can be walking and jogging in the park, using natural products, having a nutrition-rich diet, etc. In order to heal and remain healthy; we try to walk in and out with nature.

One way we can accomplish this is by developing a habit of using natural products, especially for our skin and our hair. We all like to color and condition our hair. Then, why not use natural ingredients for them as our ancestors used to do? For example, for hair, we can use natural products like Henna.

Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is derived from the Arabic word “Al Hinna”. It is a shrub-sized flowering plant whose leaves are used to dye skin, hair, and fingernails. It contains a dyeing agent which leaves reddish-brown color on application. Some historians say that henna has been used for at least 5000 years for both cosmetic and healing purposes.

On keeping up the spirit with nature, Natural Glory offers you a variety of products based on Henna for Hair Color and Hair Care. Some of them are:

  • For Hair Color Products like:

  • For Hair Care Products like:

Some of the features of our products:

  1. All our products are made using natural ingredients like Henna, Reetha, Amla, Shikakai, Turmeric, etc. That is, no chemicals are used in manufacturing them.

  2. Each of our products is made by our craftsmen with their hands. Despite this, all our products are made with utmost care and precision.

  3. We believe in ethical buying. Each of our products is made from natural ingredients. We do not believe in hurting the natural environment and do not test our products on animals. We also believe in fair trade.

Overall, we assure you that each product you buy is a gift from Mother Nature which is

available at affordable prices.

Written by: Priyanka Sood


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